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TEV-TROPIN®: helps give kids the power to grow

Results you can measure

TEV-TROPIN® A therapy that treats children who have growth failure due to GHD. It works by replacing growth hormone in the body. The growth hormone in TEV-TROPIN® is made in a lab, but it works just like the growth hormone a body would make  is a brand of growth hormone that can help children reach their normal heights. And help them be in the same height range as other kids their own age. Though every child may not respond the same way to growth hormone therapy, the majority of children taking TEV-TROPIN® will see results they can measure. And the sooner kids start taking TEV-TROPIN®, the better the possibility for growth.

TEV-TROPIN® is made with the same amino acids The building blocks of proteins  as growth hormone made naturally in the body. So taking TEV-TROPIN® is like replacing something that is missing from your child’s body.

TEV-TROPIN® is indicated for the treatment of children who have growth failure due to growth hormone deficiency (GHD) A disorder where the body does not produce enough growth hormone. In some cases, no growth hormone is produced at all. When a child has GHD, the pituitary gland in his or her body does not make enough growth hormone for normal growth, and the child may not be able to reach his or her anticipated adult height . Therapy with TEV-TROPIN® is considered safe and well tolerated. In studies of GHD children, headaches occurred infrequently. Injection-site The area on the body where a medicine is injected. Growth hormone therapy can be injected in the stomach area, upper thigh, upper buttocks, and back of the upper arm reactions, for instance pain or bruising, occurred in 8 of the 164 treated patients.

To watch a video on how to inject TEV-TROPIN® with the Needle-Free Tjet® device, click here.


We’ve created an entire section of this Web site just for kids. At first, growth hormone replacement therapy may sound scary, but don’t worry. You can learn about TEV-TROPIN® when you click on the link.


The Needle-Free Tjet® device offers injections of TEV-TROPIN® without a needle! Available by prescription for children taking TEV-TROPIN®. The Needle-Free Tjet® device is only compatible with the TEV-TROPIN® brand of human growth hormone.